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JVG @ Chateau Elan Par 3 - Finished 4th and 6th out of 9
Jackee 77, Vishnu 79, Rhea 82, Sarah 84,
Hannah 90, Lauren 90, Kayleigh 93

JVB defeated Parkview @ Smoke Rise CC - 206 to 232 
Cade 48, Alex 48, Shaun 49, Dalen 62, Herman 68

JVG defeated Parkview @ Smoke Rise CC - 168 to 189   
Vishnu 47, Hannah 56, Lauren 65, Elysse 69


Coming Soon  

Thu, 3/21 - VB/JVB  Match vs. Archer @ SC - 3:00pm
                   Lineup: all
ar: Stripes

                   Practice (VG) - 3:00-6:00pm
                   JVG off

Sat, 3/23 - Achasta Invitational (VB) @ Achasta GC
                   Leave at: 10:15 AM   1st tee time 12:30 PM    
                   Lineup: aj,jm,wr,mc,mm
                   Drivers: Coach Terry & ??
                   Wear: MaroonVB

                   White Co. Invitational (JVB) @ Mossy Creek GC
                   Leave: 8:15 am
                   Lineup: cc,an,ss,dt,ha
                   Drivers: Coach Graham & Acosta
                   Wear: Maroon

                   Lady Rambler Invitational (VG) @ LaFayette GC
                   Leave: 10:30am (2:00pm Shotgun)
                   Lineup: np,sb,ks,rg
                   Driver: Coach T
                   Wear: Maroon 

Mon, 3/25 - Practice (ALL) @ SC - 3:00pm
                     Meet at: TBA

Tue, 3/26 - Buford 9 (JVB/JVG) @ Chateau Elan - 3:15pm
                   Leave school: 1:30 PM
                   Lineup: (wr,cc,ss,dt,an,ha)  & (ks,rg,lt,ep,hm)

                   Drivers: Coach T & Eddie Smith
                   wear stripes JVB  and white JVG

Wed, 3/27 - VG Quad-match @ Sugarloaf - 3:15pm
                     Leave at: 1:45pm
                     Lineup: np,jg,sb,vr
                     Driver: Coach T
                     Wear: Maroon

                     JVB @ Chateau Elan Par 3 @ 3:15 PM
                     Leave at: 1:45pm
                     Lineup: wr,cc,an,ss,dt,ha
                     Driver: Coach Terry & Eddie Smith
                     Wear: Maroon  

Thu, 3/28 - VB/VG Match vs. Parkview @ SC - 3:15pm
                    Lineup: VB - aj,km,wr,mc,mm,cc   VG- np,jg,sb,?
                    Wear: stripes and white

                    Practice (JVB) @ SC - 3:00pm
                    JVG off

Fri, 3/29 - St. Pius Par 3 (VG) @ Peachtree Golf Center
                  Leave at: 3:45pm  (5:15pm Shotgun)
                  Lineup: np,jg,sb,?
                  Driver: Coach Terry
                  Wear: Maroon

Sat, 3/30 - Oak Mountain Invitational (VB/JVB) @ Oak Mtn GC
                   Leave at: 6:30am  (9:00am Shotgun)
                   Lineup: all
                   Drivers: Coach T and G & ?
                   Wear maroon

Mon, 4/8 - Practice (ALL) @ SC - 3:00pm
Meet : TBA

Tue, 4/9 - BHS Par 3 Tournament (JVG) @ Chateau Elan Par 3
                 Leave school at: TBA (3:15pm Shotgun)
                 Lineup: (vr,lt,hm,ep)
                 Drivers: Coach Terry & ?
                 Wear: Maroon

                 Short Game (VB/JVB) - 3:00-4:30pm

Wed, 4/10 - St. Pius Par 3 (VG) @ Peachtree Golf Center
                    Leave school: 4:00pm
                    Lineup: (np,jg,sb,?)/JVG (hm,vr,lt,ep)
                    Drivers: Coach T & ?
                    Wear: White

Thu, 4/11 - VB/VG Match vs. Parkview @ SC - 3:15 PM
                    Wear: Maroon

                    Practice (JVB) at SC - 3:00pm
                    (JVG optional)

Fri, 4/12 - St. Pius Par 3 (VG/JVG) @ Peachtree Golf Center
                  Leave school: 4:00pm (5:30pm shotgun)
                  Wear: White

Sat, 4/13 - Brookwood Invitational (VB/VG)
                   tee times start 12:30 PM
                   Wear: Stripes (VB)/White (VG)
                   Need everyone not playing and parents to signup to help


Parent/Volunteer Signups

Parents, click on the links below and record your Name, Email, and cell phone contact information.  Thank you for your help this year. (Check back later for updates.)

Parent Drivers (if you are available to drive players, please sign up through this link)

Snack Signup Sheet

Volunteer Signup for Bronco Invitational (Saturday, March 16)

Volunteer Signup for Brookwood Invitational (Sat, April 13 & Mon, April 15)

 Brookwood Golf Videos

Overview of USGA Rules

Brookwood Golf Instructional Video

How to Repair Ball Mark on the Green

Welcome to Brookwood Golf


We are very proud of our traditions at BHS because it shows our commitment to excellence on the course and in the classroom. It takes a great group of motivated players, parents, coaches, and volunteers to maintain a successful golf program and we are honored to be a part of such a great program and community.

Our goal each season is to advance to the state golf tournament which is played in May. Our girl's teams have gone to the State playoffs for 13 of the last 15 years, last year finishing 5th in Area with 305. The boy's teams have been in the State playoffs for  the past 13 years, last season finishing 2nd in Area and 12th at StateWe have 5 girls and 4 boys returning with varsity experience and we expect great success in the upcoming 2019 season.

A very special appreciation is to be given to Burke Allen and his company Novologic for setting up and purchasing the website for a ten year period. The golf program and families of BHS appreciates this man for donating his time and energy to make our program one of the best in the state. 

Please take the time to look over our website for past records, accomplishments, and players.

New or interested players can find tryout info, practice tips, and schedule of events for our golf program.

Coach Steve Thompson, Coach Scott Terry, Coach Mike Graham, Coach Ed Sochacki


To subscribe to this calendar, use the following iCal link in your phone/tablet calendar application. Each application has their own process for subscribing to public calendars.