Brookwood Golf Team Info Golf Program Overview

Golf Program Overview 

The goal of the Brookwood High School Golf Program is to continue the Brookwood tradition of going to state each year. this goal has been achieved by the Women's team for 10 straight years and the Men's team have accomplished this for 8 years in a row.

The golf team is headed up by Coach Steve Thompson. Coach Thompson has coached high school basketball and golf teams for over three decades and knows very well what it takes to create champions. Having won several club championship and playing at top levels in State and Local Amateur tournaments, Coach Thompson also knows what it takes to prepare for and play tournament golf.

Brookwood's program is very fortunate to have 2 assistant coaches to help teach, monitor, and motivate our players. Assitant and Lay Coach, Mike Graham, has successfully completed the GHSA lay coaches program. Coach Graham's daughter and son competed on the Brookwood Golf Team as 4 and 3 year lettermen and he is a competitive player in his own right. Assistant Coach Scott Terry, who coached girls basketball for 25 years, has been with the golf program since 2014. His son is a former 4 year member of Brookwood Golf. The newest addition to the coaching staff is Ed Sochacki. Coach Ed has been around the game for a number of years, many of those spend caddying. All three assistant coaches provide for much need support to the program as well as make incredible role models for the teams.

A few comments and concerns:

Generally, each player needs to arrange transportation to and from each match site. The transportation form sent home allows players to ride with their own parents and the parents of others who have agreed totransport players to our matches. Students who are of driving age and who can drive their own car, are welcome to meet us at the match site. However, due to Gwinnett County policy, students are not allowed to transport other students without prior parental permission in writing.

Parents volunteers are needed to drive when long distance travel is required for matches to keep from having large number of teenagers driving on the road.

Due to the limited availability of course time, there are few scheduled practiced times after matches begin. We share Summit Chase with South Gwinnett and Grayson. Our scheduled practice day is Mondays and Thursdays. As we get into the heart of the schedule, we will be playing two or three times a week.

Players need to be disciplined and committed to practice on their own every chance they can outside of our scheduled times. This can be chipping in the backyard, going to the range and playing at a course. Our success will depend on their willingness to work on their own.

 Summit Chase CC has a junior membership plan that costs $900 for the year ( this fee can be broken down into 2 payments every 6 months. This is a cost effective for your child to have unlimited access to play,practice and some tournamnets opportunities.

The top 6 boys (count 4) and the top 4 girls (count 3) play at each match/tournament.

These players will selected based on their practice scores, skill evaluations at the range, attitude, desire to practice, and coaches choice for each matche. Unlike many other programs we schedule Matches for our JV players.  Most schools do not have JV teams so there are times when we will have our JV teams playing against other schools varsity teams.

As the season progresses, the order and team makeup could/will change because I believe competition makes us better. I will always be re-evaluating each team member. 

We would love to see you at all matches you can attend. You may walk on the cartpath to watch your child, but STATE Rules say no coaching during play is permitted. You may provide comments of encouragement.  Helping players look for lost golf balls is OK. Our coaches prefer spectators walk a half hole ahead or behind the players you are following so as not to distract or cause the players to become nervous.

Please help promote the golf team to your friends and encourage them to come out for weekday matches at Summit Chase.

Included in this website are rules and regulation for your review. Please take a moment to read the discipline regulations. Your child has received a copy and signed it. In coaching golf, I rarely have a discipline incident with a player during the season and by the very nature of the sport, golf tends to draw from players with high levels of character and behavior. Please be aware of the consequences should problems arise.

I am counting on our parents to help me monitor player’s progress in the classroom because good students makes good golfers, both require dedication and consistent hard work. Last year, 14 of our 23 players earned academic scholar awards

Unlike most other sports programs at Brookwood, we do not have a booster club.

The overall School Athletic Department takes care of some of our very basic needs, the rest we ask via a small participation fees as well as through donations from individuals and local companies. We are also able to generate some funds through our BHS Invitationl(s). We always discuss fees, contributions and donations at our first meeting in usually in early February.

Players require drinks and food before, during and after tournaments and weekday matchs. Parents will be asked to provide these snacks/meals for players during the season. Our Volunteers will pick a one or more matches/tournaments to provide the drinks and food for and will prepare them for all players on that day. A parent to coordinate this activity is always appreciated.

Volunteers are needed to plan and coordinate the end of year banquet which is usually held a Summit Chase at the end of each season. The Banquet is used to recognize the players, coaches and volunteers, Varsity Letters, County and State awards for individual players and Academic Letters are given out during the banquet. It is also a great time to say farewell to our Senior team members.

If you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed, feel free to call contact the Coach Thompson on his cell at 404-547-0437 or at home 770-972-4152. You can also send me a message by using the contact form on our homepage.

Weather plays a big part in our schedule, so plan on being flexible with practice, match and tournament schedules. The players need to check with this website daily for changes, additions and cancellations. they also need to pay attention to the end of day announcements at school, as we will use this as one of the communication methods for last minute updates.

Players need to be prepared to play and practice in all weather conditions except lightning or other severe weather conditions. We play in rain, sleet and snow during some of our early matches.