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Golf Tips

Good golf comes from confidence and confidence comes from knowing the golf ball is going where you want it to go consistently. This comes from correct practice and playing, which is a result of a good pre-shot routine, a target of both direction and distance, and execution of the shot.

Each of you needs to improve in the off season by playing for a score/tournaments and practicing correctly. You should spend equal time in all parts of the game (woods, irons, chipping, and putting). The quickest way to improve - is the short game since it is about half of your strokes, plus it can help you overcome mistakes in the long game.

You have been given a log to chart playing and practice times. It is due at the start of school next fall and a new one will be given to you to keep until tryouts next season in February. The best players in our region and state play golf year round, not just during the season and summer. Everyone gets better during the season because everyone is playing, the true players work some all year long.

I look forward to seeing each of you next year, hopefully each of you will work to improve and make the team again. Keep playing and practicing and enjoy your summer and the game.


1. Pre-shot routine ( the way you approach each shot- think, action, execute)
2. select a target, pick the club, aim for direction and distance, hit the shot
3. evaluate the shot by yardage and direction missed
4. think about what was right and wrong with the shot.
5. pre-shot routine and hit again
6. chart results ,look for problems and areas of improvement


1. hit balls too quickly
2. practice should take about 45 minutes to 1 hour for a bucket of balls
3. hitting balls quickly creates bad habit, nothing learned, just a waste of time
4. spend the most time on what you do poorly
5. spend the least time on what you do well


1. pre-shot routine
2. start thinking about the shot 40 to 50 yards before you arrive at the ball
3. commit to the shot
4. execute the shot
5. after the shot , forget it, the next is the important one
6. pre-shot routine